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Create or Document?

What's up world.

I've lately been consuming a lot of Gary Vaynerchuk's content, he talks a lot about documenting rather than creating, and that interests me.

Should you be focusing more on documenting your process than creating? I don't know. I've never seen my videos as a documentation, although I guess they technically are. I will definitely one day look back and see how I grew into the person and brand I am at that stage, through the content I made while I was growing. But it's never been about documenting for me. I have always been head-down focused on creating what I am good at and enjoy. Self-learning has ALWAYS been a part of the process, and for that I have always had the luxury to have the internet by my side, at all times.

I have since then systematically given back, by adding my newly gained knowledge back into the enormous library of it in the form of video tutorials on YouTube. All of them usually doing 1000% better than any of my regular videos - clearly showing how important it is to offer real value to your audience. (Other than entertainment value)

But every time I do make a tutorial or some sort of "documented" video, it has always been after I know I fully understand the subject at hand. For example one of two video editing tutorials I made a few years back I only made after I had thousands of hours spent on perfecting my craft as a video editor. Only after knowing the subject very well, I felt comfortable to "teach" or document.

I guess this is normal, but what I plan on doing next is to throw this on it's head and to document me FIGURING STUFF OUT. Not yet being a master of the subject at hand - on the contrary, not having a F*CKING CLUE what I am doing. This is what scares me. And so this is what I'll do.

These documented videos won't be tutorials, they'll be more of a "Look at me trying to figure out this thing and let's help each other to do this thing better."

It might serve as a sort of a case study for other people to see how I went about doing it and maybe even inspire some of my audience to do the same.

So what am I going to do.. to document?

I'm building a content creation company. There. I said it. On black and white.

Shit. Even saying that out loud is making me anxious.

If you want to see my progress, learn from my successes, failures, wins & losses, subscribe to this blog and follow me on everything to stay up to date on this process.

I'll be documenting everything. Yes, EVERYTHING.\

Let's see what happens.


Your filthy neighborhood stray cat,


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