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Sup Fam ^^ Guys we have a problem, a big problem. Games these days are bad. I don't mean mediocre, I mean terrible. For some reason all the games I used to play don't entertain me the same as they used to.

COD for instance has gone down the drain since Call of Duty: Ghosts. The only thing that was good about that game was the competitive matches and the theme song made by my boy Marshall Mathers - Ever since, the franchise has been filled with tacky GFX, CGI faces and hecking laser guns. Not even to mention the whole jet-pack thing. (Wtf guys?!) And yeah, people were like: "Dude, jetpacks make the game faster, quicker paced and harder to do well." That was the whole point of COD!

It was a easy game we played for fun. When I think back to my childhood, (holy shit that feels weird saying that, am I that old?) I don't remember raging at games as much as I do now. Every other death tallied up in my scoreboard now is usually followed by a "YOU F*CKING FA**OT HACKER!!"

The gaming community has become more and more cancerous. And not to sound like an old man here, but I do think it has to do with the increase in young players.Kids legit are like 12y/o online bruh. With a decrease in average age in online gamers also comes a decrease in respect, gentlemanship and overall fun. Wow that sounded horrible. Whatever. ​Gaming has given me so many opportunities, memories, friends and hours upon hours of fun that it's just so hard to see the community crumble into a mush mash of 12 year olds and hackers. - I don't even want to know what it's like in the realm of the console peasant right now.

​Sorry, not sorry.

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