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Hey man.

I feel like when I am typing these, contradictory to what I feel like when I record a video, I feel like I am talking to you as an individual and not to a group of people. That feels a bit weird seeing as my face nor voice plays any part in this message and that usually increases the sense of being connected to whom is speaking or conveying the message. Anyway, I digress.

Today I want to talk about something related to how I have felt in the past few weeks and it has also somewhat been the reason to why I haven't been posting/creating as much content as I usually do. You know that feeling of "I'm getting nowhere, not growing fast enough, trying so hard but really just not getting anything for it"  Yeah, that shit.

I've been feeling that way for a long time now, but I guess everyone does. Creating videos semi-frequently on top of being a full-time teacher is much harder than I make it out to be.Any one of you who have your own channel would probably agree with me that coming up with new content and ideas isn't that easy. After 600 videos, I really struggle sometimes to come up with a new and creative idea every week or so. And then after coming up with the idea one has to film, edit, package (title, thumbnail, promote) it before uploading it to YouTube without any help, any camera man, and sound guy to bounce some creative ideas off of. Everything on your own.

If I don't feel like posting that day there is no-one trying to motivate me. It's just me. On my own. This is my dream, and I have been pouring my heart and soul into this for at least 2 years now. Looking at the number s and statistics one can not help but feel defeated at times. Not seeing the growth you are hoping for, and have worked so hard for.

But I guess everyone feels like that about something they feel very passionately about. If you work very hard on something and really want it to succeed, it's never soon enough. We just have to have patience. This does not only apply to YouTube or my situation but to yours too. If you are in school trying to get those A-Grades, or at a job that you really want a promotion, or have your own business that just doesn't want to grow, or trying to become pro at your sport or art or whatever. We all have something that we are working for. As my boy Ronnie Coleman said: "Everybody wants to be a bodybuilder, but ain't nobody wants to lift no heavy ass weight." - VID HERE

Everybody wants to be a YouTuber, but nobody wants to spend no 10 hours editing a video and only get 10 views on it. Everybody wants to be a YouTuber, but nobody wants to invest all their savings into new video equipment and have people call your a moron. Everybody wants to be a YouTuber, but nobody wants to spend 3 hours a day livestreaming with only yourself and the fucking Nightbot in the chat.

It's not going to be easy boys. But look how far we've come. We have made it pretty fucking far, and for just one second, before we put our heads down again and keep grinding to that shiny motherfucking goal - whatever yours might be. Let's just remind ourselves that we made it this far. And how fucking great it's going to feel when we're standing on the top of this fucker singing that "we made it."

Fuck all the haters. NEVER quit on your dreams. ​Peace friends.

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