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Ah suh.

My school had a subject called "Life Orientation".

It was supposed to orient your life? I guess? Teach you how to do your taxes, how to apply for jobs, how to manage your time, how to deal with stress, etc. But, all they really did was teach us about AIDS.

This might only be me, but school never really effectively taught me how to apply for a job, how to make it through an interview, or how to manage my time wisely. Sure it showed me how to construct a mediocre C.V. but then what?

How do I find someone to give it to? ​I find more and more teenagers / young adults leave school or university not knowing what next. How do I proceed? How do I make money? It usually sends people through post-school panic and depression. So how DO you go on, make money, get a place to stay, be adult? ​

The truth is, I myself have no fucking clue. ​When I left college with a shitty international higher certificate in Graphic Design, I was also hit with what our parents call "the real world". It's such a scary term, isn't it? - THE REAL WORLDAs if we have been living in a imaginary fairy world all along. WTF?

But don't be fooled - nothing really changes.

You still do all of your groceries at your local store, you still go to a doctor for medical help and you still use your dick to piss. All that really change, is money.You need to find a legal way of earning cash. There are many many people who keep chanting that money isn't everything. - I call bullshit.And I've been calling it bullshit for years now, watch the video I made on the topic and you'll maybe understand where I'm coming from. ​This might be a very controversial statement I'm about to make, but fuck it. ​Stop focusing on getting 90's or 100's in your school work, (if you're between 60 and 80 you're fucking fine.) and start figuring out how to make money. NO, you do NOT need to be an adult nor qualified at all to make gang cash. START NOW.

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