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Nothing is permanent except everything.

Hey Dude,

So I want this tattoo - actually quite a few,

and I'm sure at one point you have thought of getting (or have already gotten) one.

Some people really annoy me when they say the following:

"But Frank! Tattoos are PERMANENT!"

You're at the wheel dawg.

We love dropping that word "permanent" as if tattoos are the only thing in this life that is permanent. There are so many choices we make that end up being permanent ones - maybe without us even knowing it at the time. At least when I decide to get something branded on my skin I KNOW it's going to be permanent.

When you have sex without protection, when you drop out of school, when you take "just one" hit of that drug, when you think you're a great drunk driver...

All of those choices could have permanent results, maybe even something less sinister - quickly crossing the street thinking "surely he'll see me and slow down"

"Permanent" is all around us, might as well have it on my skin to remind me, don't you think?

My mom once told me something that I found funny, yet eye opening. She told me how in movies people keep saying shit like: "It's never too late" and "There's always a chance" The both of us call bullshit on both of those statements. There are some things you CAN'T go back on, some things you CAN'T re-do, some things you CAN'T change. Sometimes it is too late, sometimes there isn't a chance, sometimes, it's permanent.

This isn't the only reason I want a tattoo; to remind me of the permanent in life, I also want some to remind me of lessons learnt in the past that have stood the test of time. I don't need it to be written word-for-word on my skin, but maybe an image to represent or remind me of that lesson or thing.

I'm sure many of you feel the same, and if so please log in and

leave me your feedback down below or tweet at me @frankybro

A lot of new things coming soon, thank you for reading.


Ps: please don't get a tattoo - they're permanent, dummy.

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