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Recently I have been contacted by at least 3 journalists asking about my streaming career. I found this funny seeing as I see myself not as a streamer per say, but predominantly a YouTube Video Creator / Editior (I despise the term "content creator" or "influencer")

I found it strange that they would contact me with regards to my tiny Twitch Channel with no more than an average of 8 viewers. None the less, I read these emails - none of them properly introduced themselves and they all had one burning question they needed answered:




Excuse my French, but I fucking hate this question so much. Christ.

(Yes, I know there are 3 but they all ask the same thing: "Money?")

Two of these emails I ignored. I'm not going down this rabbit hole so a Journalist can write an article titled: "20-something South African Influencer Refuses To Share Info On The Millions He's Making By Playing Video Games" This is a joke right? An online Journalist has to send me - a tiny streamer in SA an email to ask me how much money I make rather than just googling it? Yeah, I know, they want quotes, they want the story right from the horses mouth right?

So when the third email of the month came in I replied:

Hi Mister Journalist Man,

Well, I wouldn't advise ANYONE to do streaming, or to do any form of content creation 

for that matter, solely for the purpose of earning a living off of it. It has to be something you truly love doing and that you wouldn't mind doing without making any sort of money out of it.

It surely isn't the reason I got into posting on YouTube and streaming on Twitch.

I've been doing it for so long now (~4 years on YouTube) and I'm still nowhere compared to the big boys.

I only started streaming on Twitch recently for about the past 3 or 4 months and I have been doing so fairly consistently for about 4-5 hours a day.

Even with me advertising on all my social media and my YouTube channel that already has some people's attention I only average about 8 people in my stream at any given time.

Growth is slow, and the money is almost non-existent. For example I have about 20-something subscribers and 280 followers on my Twitch channel. You can do the math with Twitch taking a percentage of each $5 Subscription per month, then I think PayPal takes a small fee, then the transfer from PayPal to my FNB Bank account also taking a cut doesn't really leave you with much. Same thing goes with donations.

The payback really doesn't come through way of monetary support from the people watching (even though it helps a lot with buying new games to play with my audience) - but just the pure fun of building a community that enjoys talking to you and sharing games and moments with you LIVE.

It's pure magic - and something I can't experience by only posting YouTube videos, so that's why I do it.

To answer your question on how many hours etc you need to stream to "make a good amount of revenue" - there isn't really a simple answer to this because it all depends on how many people are watching you.

If you have a constant of 5 people watching you have to stream way longer to make the same amount that someone would make streaming for much shorter with 5000 people watching. (Obviously)

But streaming as much as you can, setting up a schedule, being consistent, helps a lot.

You should think of yourself as a TV show that people can expect every day at a certain time.

Sorry for the essay,


I thought I should share this info with you - my loyal viewer person that watches the first 20 seconds of my videos before clicking off to a video of PewDiePie watching TikTok clips.

I don't know how this happened, but my guilty pleasure of skipping homework to play some games and to talk over a mic to an audience I don't know 4 years ago has become everyone's dream job now and I'm confused. Didn't these same people call me names for doing what I love back in Highschool?

Anyway, do what you love doing, do it with passion and the rest always just seem to slot into place.

Thanks for reading, I'll try write here more often so bookmark this page, and also check out the "Free Stuff" tab :)

PS: My internet seems to have finally been fixed, stream is ONLINE BABY!

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